The E.P.I.C (Every Person Is Creative) after-school summer component is C2C’s Creative and Performing Arts platform which is our process of molding a positive mindset and developing a vision for success. 


E.P.I.C includes Entrepreneurship Focus Program, Championship Mentoring, Weekly Mindfulness Sessions. Weekly interactive seminars with Guest Presenters : (Drone Videographer from Brazil, Poet from Puerto Rico, Custom Jewelry Maker from the D.R, Head of I.T company from Haiti, African Dance / Miami Dance team, Mindfulness Coach from Columbia, R&B Singer / Songwriter, Disc Jockey classes, Talent Show production, Sketch Artist, Police and Firemen, local Athletes and more! )

The S.A.V.E. (Standing Against Violent Environments) afterschool sports component and the C2C Fitness Fun Day events are health-based initiatives that are structured to combat the epidemic of Obesity.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention:   Obesity is increasing rapidly in America and is affecting children, adolescents, and adults of all races, ethnicities, and income levels.  Since 1980, the percentage of obese children aged 6-11 has doubled, and the percentage of obese adolescents aged 12-19 has tripled. Obesity now ranks as one of the top three causes of preventable death in America.


These platforms chiefly target students 11-17 but also are structured to include the participant's family members, school teachers, and staff.  Studies have proven that the most effective approach to combating this epidemic is through community engagement programs and by focusing on developing a healthy mindset at the youth level.  Preventing obesity by educating our youth and their caretakers (parents, family members, teachers, and school staff) and getting the kids active is far more effective than attempting to reverse the effects of poor health conditions.