Fitness is something that is desired for every human being. It is one of the essential tools that can help children and students to achieve their full potential and it is a highly important aspect of their lives.

It is however shameful that a vast majority of schools around don’t have adequate resources that will help these students to discover and explore the full extent of their potential. We have seen that fact and we are filled with a mandate to bring change to that.

The Youth Fitness Fun Day is an initiative that was developed by us at Challenge 2 Change. We are using it as a means of filling that void that has been left by a lack of adequate resources.

Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle is something that should be inculcated not only by schools but by the entire community. Inasmuch as various institutions can try to adopt this lifestyle, it takes the collective effort of everyone to be able to effectively pull it off.  Consequently, we brought about Community Fitness Day as a way to raise awareness to the whole community on the long-term benefits that good health and a healthy lifestyle can bring.

We have entered into enduring partnerships with various institutions in order to bring this program to life and we will be hoping to reach out to as many people and communities as possible.